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《Crazy Youngster》第六期



播音员:任梓源 蓝方翎

-Hey,guys! Welcome to CYNC radio station.

-Welcome to crazy youngster.

-It’s such a long time no see.How’s your these days?

-You know it’s not pretty good.I just experienced a tragic time.

-Oh,what happened to you?

-November11 is a shopping carnival and i can’t resist buying a lot of things.

-I got it.But do you know,What are we most looking forward to after this holiday?

-em,Let me think about it.It must be winter holiday,Right?

-It’s boring that  you guessed it so quickly.



And I want to quest zoeyHao do you feel in the new term?Have you made any new friends in the new term?

Zoey:first I'm so happyI am proud of being a college student. I like my college life as it is so wonderful time in my youth. All life in school are fresh. New teachers, new classmates and fresh friends are around me. I’ve felt their friendship, wide knowledge and opening mind.

Miyawow,now today let's talk about the friendship



at first ,I want to talk with you about of us have vision it in special feeling in the memory of the four years is always pure and beautiful.

You may have asked what the "love"is on earth In my opinion, Love is a sense of responsibility!Known to care for others, and this feeling, no matter what the result is ,must be a lifelong memorable event.



然后L + O + V + e - 54. -但是

F + R ++ E + H + N + D + S ++ P = 108 !




My friends often consult me about their emotional they spend too much time on their they igored their friends.

I have received a message from one of my good said: "if A is equals to 1 ,B is equals to 2,C is epuals to 3,and so on..

Then L+O+V+E-54.but


So friendship is twice stronger than love!?

Now I'd love to share my experience with all of you.

Last summer vocation,l had a car accident,and had to be in hospital,I felt boring and painful,because I could do nothing but stay in bed. It's my friends who came to see me ,chatted with me ,encouraged me, helped me get through the hardtime.


It is a common saying that love is a lamp, while friendship is the shadow. When the lamp is off,you will find the shadow everywhere.

Zoey:I’m so sad when I hear that .Friend is who can give you strength at last.

Finally let's pray together now,that one day, all of us could find the person we want to find, and could enjoy a real beautiful friendship in our lives. Let's pray the flower offriendship between our friends and us would always bloom brightly in our hearts.

Having friends, one can be find happiness. If you are in trouble your friends will help you through or at least comfort you. When you are happy , they share it with you. They are also there for you to chat with at any time.

It is a wonderful feeling, as the proverb says" to love each other is easy but to make frieds is hard", So, it is crutial that we should get along with our friends. In my opinon ,it is a shame to deceive your friends . The world would be more beautiful if it was full of filled with friendship.



Miya:in our daily life how can we keep The friendship.

There are several important elements necessary to maintain a good friendship。 


Listen 善于倾听

The ability to really listen to another is a cornerstone of good friendship. It helps you to understand your friend and his/her feelings, as well as shows that you really care.倾听是友谊的基石 他有助于你更好的了解你的朋友同时又表示你在关心你的朋友

Spend quality time with your friend 与朋友相聚

No relationship can be satisfying without quality time spend together. Make time for your friend, schedule get togethers. 没相聚就没友谊 所以抽点时间与朋友一起聚聚吧

Zoey:yes!don't forget to Be forgiving 宽容

There is not even one person in the world who is perfect. You know your own shortcomings, so don't expect perfection from others. I'm not saying that you should always accept a wrong doing on your friend's part. Tell them when you didn't like something and be always ready to make up afterward. Don't hold grudges in your heart. It will help your friend to be long-suffering with you as well. 人无完人,任何人都有自己的缺点所以就不要要求别人完美 我并不是叫你一味的纵容朋友的错误 相反你应该明确的告诉你的朋友 不要藏在心底 这对你和你们自己的友谊都是有好处的

Admit your faults 勇于承认自己的错误

In every friendship there will be conflict sooner or later. When it comes, often the wrong is on both sides Admit your wrongs instead of just pointing out the wrongs of another person involved. This will help you both to keep the line of communication open and strengthen your friendship

朋友相处迟早都会产生冲突的,但产生误会和冲突时双方都是有责任的 我认为勇于承认自己的过错比追究责任更有助于解决问题和增进友谊


In short, when we have established friendship, we ought to cherish and treasure it by means of words and deeds. Only thus, can we develop real friendship and keep the sacred lamp of friendship burning all our life.

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